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When is interim management appropriate?

There may be a whole range of reasons for my deployment as an interim manager. Some examples are provided below.

You may be a young or rapidly growing company which requires start-up assistance or support with structural or process organisation. Or you may simply need temporary help in overcoming the daily management challenges you face.

You may be an established company which has run out of steam in terms of generating the permanent push for change which is essential for further development. You may lack “fresh ideas” or else require the injection of new blood to provide the impetus which will deliver more growth and greater success for the company.

It may be that realignment, reorganisation or restructuring of a company is required in order to enable it to emerge stronger from a crisis caused by a failure to intervene in a timely manner or by external developments.

Deployment of an interim manager may, however, be triggered by a completely different set of circumstances. These may include the following.

You need to fill a management position on a transitional basis because no replacement can be found at short notice.

You may need to strengthen the company’s human resources temporarily for purposes such as the implementation of projects or the launch of new products (by the way, mixed internal and external teams are often particularly successful and capable of delivering more rapid implementation).

Your company requires special know-how which either does not exist within your company or else is only available to a limited extent. It may be that such expertise is only needed for a short period of time, or the intention may be that the interim manager will act as a vehicle for the internal transfer of the know-how in question.

You are planning a company acquisition or sale, a relocation of your operations, a spin-off, an integration or a joint venture and are seeking to obtain support.

Structural/process analyses and enhancements, quality assurance measures and improvements in structural and process organisation are on the agenda.

Coaching/knowledge transfer is required.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is a particular situation in your company which is not mentioned here and for which you require a solution.

Experience has shown that each and every initial situation requires an individual approach to be adopted in terms of identifying a solution. I am happy to offer initial discussions without obligation.