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What is "interim management"?

As the name suggests, “interim management” is management for a limited period of time. Interim managers are usually deployed for a period of between 6 to 12 months in order to strengthen or support your management team. An interim manager may be engaged to fill a vacant managerial positio for a transitional period or may be able to bring the necessary know-how to the table for the resolution of a specific situation in which your company may find itself. The requirement for an interim manager may arise during every phase of a company’s life cycle and may be triggered by a wide variety of reasons.

As your interim manager, I act as an entrepreneur, leader, consultant and project manager all rolled up into one person. I move in the top echelons of management and have many years of extensive management and leadership experience. My other strengths include finely honed social skills and flexibility.

I will take on responsibility for the results of my activities and actions within the scope of the remit I am given in your company. I will also assume professional responsibility for budgets and human resources within the framework of the agreement we reach. This is entirely different to the role of a management consultant. During the period of our cooperation, I will be a fixed component of your internal team and will be working alongside you at the company.

I will make myself available quickly and at short notice should you wish to commission my services. This means that I will be able to begin work straightaway. By the same token, I will turn to my next challenge once I have successfully completed the mandate given to me.